The purpose of ‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’ is to celebrate Kindness and to share the message of Universal LOVE while encouraging compassion, consideration and tolerance for everyone.

The Project is community interactive and encourages individual participation with Stories, Interviews & News of Kindness. ‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’ was featured in the  2019 International Kinetic Art Exhibit & Symposium

Please Help Celebrate Kindness

The Art is represented in the project by weathervanes with a Cupid’s Arrow, and heart-shapes rotated 180 degrees. A rotated heart-shape is the tip of the Cupid’s Arrow.

“The Art is an example of Art & Design merging with Engineering & Science. “

Lloyd Goradesky 2018 Copyright

How come Weathervanes?

A weathervane is a device used to measure wind direction.  A weathervane is also a metaphoric expression to describe people who change their views frequently.   In a chaotic world, when faced with a dilemma, let love guide your way.

Help Celebrate Kindness

How come the LOVE button is worn sideways?

The graphic design is the tip of the Cupid’s Arrow of the weathervane with blue skies. The rotated Heart-Shape is the logo for the ‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’ project. When you wear the button on your shirt, the Heart-Shape will point to your heart.

Kindness Needs Our Help

Dewey Park, Boynton Beach, Florida 2018

Dewey Park, Boynton Beach, Florida 2018

‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’  – Artist Lloyd Goradesky during installation at Dewey Park, Boynton Beach, Florida 2018