The Artist’s Bio

Lloyd Goradesky

Using the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings, Lloyd Goradesky’s art extends from muti-media design to complex photographic creations. His artistic goal is to get the viewer to look through the actual art piece and to interpret the meaningful message.

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Goradesky’s work is a constant attempt to encourage others by showing the beauty of nature.

“I feel this is the best way to get others to help save our planet.”-Artist

As a public artist, Lloyd Goradesky’s projects have received media coverage including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Discovery Channel, PBS, and NatGeo TV. Gator in the Bay attracted a worldwide audience while creating a media buzz using the universal stage of Art Basel Miami. The Gator in the Bay was featured in over 30 foreign newspapers front page and interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, Fox News, Yahoo News, Discovery Channel, Huffington Post, The Examiner, Sun Sentinel, Miami New Times and Miami Herald – A photo of Gator in the Bay – Phase 1 unveiled during Art Basel 2012 was used to promote the first Art Basel Hong Kong.

Description of Artist Business Model & Work

Goradesky’s work is extremely diverse, however, the purpose is always to raise awareness while showing the beauty of our natural surroundings.

Using an art model similar to Christo & Jean-Claude, each project is a temporary assembly with the goal to capture an iconic photograph.

After the iconic image is captured, each piece is assembled into an art package that includes five components:

  1. a one-of-a-kind piece of the assembly art project – (for example, a parasol from the building used in the Parasol Project)
  2. a diagram of the project highlighting the location of their one-of-a-kind component that was a contribution to the art piece
  3. the iconic photograph of the assembled art project that is a limited edition print
  4. a book explaining the project
  5. a Certificate of Authenticity

As with all Goradesky’s projects, books & video are produced documenting the project.

Example of Work

This is a recent article about Goradesky’s work from July 2016

Goradesky is mostly known for the Gator in the Bay – The World’s Largest Art-Official (Artificial) Gator is created with over 300,000 thumbnail images of the Florida Everglades –

To quickly learn about the World’s Largest Art-Official (artificial) Gator:

Watch one of these links from Discovery Channel interview

Part 1:

Part 2:


Floating Tile Art: ‘Gator in the Bay’ – the World’s Largest Art-Official (Artificial) Alligator – a recommended “must-see” during Art Basel 2012 and Art Basel 2013 –

With permission of the City of Miami and the City of Miami Beach, Goradesky was given permission to choreograph an iconic image of South Florida that was captured from a helicopter over restricted air space. Notice there are no boat wakes or boat traffic – and all cruise ships were delayed in port to capture this image taken Dec 7th, 2013.

‘Gator in the Bay’ is a 33,000 pound alligator the size of a football field that floats. The head is a 3story steel sculpture built on a self-propelled barge using recycled junkyard materials, . The upper jaw attached to the boom of a crane, opens and closes, The body is made of 104 individual boards (called Floating Art Tiles) displaying photographs of the Everglades (captured by the artist) which took four years and $1 million to complete.

Each Floating Art Tile has over 3000 unique images of the Florida Everglades that are the size of a postage stamp. The entire illusion of the alligator body is created with over 83,000 unique images of the Florida Everglades photographed by Goradesky. His artistic invention, Floating Tile Art™, is an example of a new medium in art that is unique. Using the SCALGio™ process to print on highly buoyant boards, Goradesky has created a wonderful way to display art on water.

Using the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings, Goradesky’s art extends from muti-media design to complex photographic creations. His artistic goal is to get the viewer to look through the actual art piece and to interpret the meaningful message. His personal goal is to create the world’s largest assembled photograph.

The purpose of the Project is to raise awareness for the Florida Everglades.

The purpose of the Art is to show the cooperation that can occur between industry and nature (since it is an alligator resting on a barge)


Although we are in our 7th year, it took over 4 years of planning at a cost of $1 million; Gator in the Bay has become a complete art exhibit from books to tshirts.

Discovery Channel interview that will explain the story:

Part 1 (2012) –

Part 2 (2014) –

PBS aired Art Loft on segment January 15th, 2015

Gator in the Bay wins Winterfest Boat Parade 2 consecutive years

Mayor Levine welcomes Gator in the Bay during Art Basel Miami 2013

The Artist’s goal was to take an iconic image celebrating South Florida. Notice no boat wakes on a Saturday morning on Dec 7th, 2013.

It took 18 months to coordinate just this single photograph in protected airspace & protected waters with permission from the City of Miami, the City of Miami Beach, Federal, State & Local Agencies and especially the Homeland Security.

My goal was to capture an iconic image of the Miami – South Florida – of my hometown, so I built the world’s largest alligator to take a photograph.”– Artist

In the image below, the Gator is the size of a football field and the smallest boat is 23 feet.

(Shown below is Floating Art Tile #19 – 4ft x 8ft)

Created with 5,112 images of the Florida Everglades, the size of a postage stamp. Goradesky invented his unique photo collage technique to create the 104 Floating Art Tiles that create the illusion of the alligator body.

Special Lighting for night time viewing creates the illusion of alligator scales as if moving in the water.

View through Seaplane Window overlooking the Miami Yacht Club during staging.

‘Gator in the Bay’ was photographed and used to announce the first Art Basel Hong Kong 2013