My Sister Saved My Life

Last year I was traveling to visit my family during the holidays.  On the way to my parent’s home, I was in a very bad auto accident.  The damage was bad to both to me and the car.  My face hit the window.  There was blood and glass everywhere.  I lost a lot of blood – and that was the problem.

You see I have a rare blood-type, AB negative blood, and in addition to having certain health issues that requires special medical attention during blood transfusion, my blood is hard to get in an emergency because it cannot be stored. Basically, I need rare blood that is ‘fresh’. This makes it hard to get unless I can plan ahead.

Throughout my entire life I have been very fortunate and extremely careful to never get cut or lose blood that would require blood transfusions.  My parents always taught me to be extra safe, extra careful and that if I ever needed blood, that it would be severely life threatening.  I knew that if I ever needed blood in an emergency, that I would probably die.

There I was on the way to celebrate with family and instead of heading to the holiday dinner, I was heading to the hospital unconscious and bleeding.  I don’t remember anything after the accident’s impact. I was out of it. When I got to the emergency room, I was told my sister was already at the hospital and that she was ready to give her blood.  My sister knew only she could save me.

It was a very bad situation for me but having my sister in my location exactly in my time of need saved my life. Once she heard I was hurt and bleeding, she knew that she was the only one that would be in the same vicinity to meet my blood-type requirements.

I love you sis!

My Neighbor Saved My Home from Disaster

When I saw your website about Kindness, I felt the need to buy the small wind vane.  And after getting the piece and loving it!!!I wanted to learn more about your art work.  OMG – How Special is Your Art and THIS PROJECT!!!! – Anyway, I wanted to contribute and write an article.  In fact, if you are ever in NY, please call me to do the Interviews of Kindness.

My Kindness Story is about my Neighbor.  He is very special and is always looking out for our neighborhood.  Not like a police commando but like a concerned friend who just happens to be your neighbor that is making sure all is well.

The above photo shows me at the beach, while this happened to my house, when traveling as I am always on the road.  As the last hurricane was heading in our direction, it was already too late to fly home to take care of my house. If you do not know about hurricanes, it is very difficult to get a flight into the path of the storm so it was impossible to get home.  It also takes time, energy and supplies to prepare a home properly before a storm.

This meant my home and property would be unprotected during this terrible hurricane.

During storms like hurricanes, most communications are not working including the Internet. I could not reach anyone in the neighborhood by phone.  Those neighbors who  answered their phone had already left the area to be in a safe zone and they had no information.

It took three days to get home after the storm and when I arrived I could not believe what I had seen.  My house was completely boarded up with plywood and was safe and dry as a result.  It was my neighbor who took his time and spent his money to buy plywood and then board up all of my windows and doors.  Had he not protected my house, I would have sustained a great loss.  And the loss would have devastated my living situation and dwelling.

To my neighbor, thank you for your kindness!

Woman dining alone … until these men stepped in

April 24, 2019, 5:03 PM EDT / Source: TODAY
By Ali Gostanian

An Alabama man’s simple act of kindness has gone viral on social media.

On April 18, Jamario Howard, 23, of Lincoln, Alabama, shared a heartwarming story of his dinner experience with friends on Facebook.

Howard was eating dinner at Brad’s Bar-B-Que in Oxford, Alabama, with two friends last Thursday when he noticed an older woman sitting alone at the booth to their left.

“My exact thought was, ‘Dang, I’d hate to eat by myself,’” Howard said in an interview with NBC News. Howard said he consulted his friends and they decided he should join the woman at her table.

He said he approached the woman, asking if he could sit with her. She agreed and introduced herself as Eleanor.  Howard said that Eleanor told him all about her grandchildren, the volunteer work she does at a local hospital and the activities she and her husband used to do together. She also shared that her husband had passed away and that the next day, April 19, would have been their 60th wedding anniversary.

“I immediately gave her my condolences and invited her to come eat with us,” Howard said.

The group of four spent about 45 minutes enjoying a meal together, talking about everything from family to sports.

“It was a good in-the-moment thing,” Howard said. “It really changed our

The viral Facebook post has been shared over 49,000 times and garnered over 16,000 comments. One commenter wrote, “We hear so much to be sad about in our world, it’s wonderful to know that there are others making a positive difference! Bless you for this special act of kindness!”

Howard said that he has reflected a great deal on the special dinner.

“Always be kind,” Howard explained. “It can go a long way for you and a long way for them.”

Howard said that he has seen Eleanor a few times since their dinner last week. The two plan to keep in touch.

The Father I Never had Died Before I Knew

Back in the day when companies took care of their employees I had a boss like I don’t think I”ll ever have again.

I’d been with the company a few years, had gotten a promotion to a managerial position, but only got a very small salary bump with the new responsibilities which also came with increased work load.  My boss saw my disappointment. He then told me that I’d get a bigger increase when the next budget came through.  I was so excited and could not wait as I counted the days. My boss knew we had a newborn on the way and our expenses were tight.  

When the time came I received the increase in my paycheck, it made all the difference and my they told me that they couldn’t get it approved through corporate. My boss also shared in my joy and excitement as the added monies alleviated a huge financial burden.

A few years went by and my boss became closer to my family. My boss was very fatherly and became a mentor to me.  He was the father I never had because my dad left before I was born. I never knew my real dad.

About a few months ago, my boss passed away from a heart attack while he was at home.  It was a very sad day for many people.  I went about my daily routine with my job but missed my boss so much.  

The company owner came to me and offered me my bosses job and said it would come with a substantial raise. When I received my next paycheck, it was the same amount as what I had been receiving all along.  

And it was at that time that I realized that my boss was not able to get me a raise all of those years ago, but instead added to my paycheck out of his own pocket just to help me financially. I just sat down and cried from never knowing just how kind my boss was to me to make sure that I was able to raise my family.

I will never forget him.

Was my Mother’s Best Friend an Angel?

Are there Angels walking among Us ?

When my Mom lost her job, a place she’d been at for 15 years, she decided to move up to New York to be near her Mom. The only thing was, it was hard to find full time work in her field, and she couldn’t afford to buy health insurance. She hadn’t been feeling good for at least a year, and by the time she finally went to a doctor, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.

My brother & I both went to help her after surgery, but we knew we couldn’t stay and really take care of her, and she didn’t have anyone else up there. I wanted her to come live with me in North Carolina, but she was such an independent person, the idea of having to move in with her kid didn’t sit right with her.

Well, her best friend from work, a woman named Andrea, had always talked about wanting to move to NC, just the timing was never right, and it still wasn’t. Instead of moving to NC, she bought a home there (!) that she called her ‘summer home’, and let my Mom live there so she could be near me and also be independent.

It was the craziest thing I’d ever seen anyone do. And even though my Mom couldn’t survive the cancer – she made it for about two years after they found it  – it was the most amazing thing that she could be near me, she could see my daughters (her grandchildren) and we could help her when she needed it, and we had amazing times as a family before Mom passed, thanks to Andrea’s kindness and unbelievable generosity.

Andrea didn’t even keep the house after Mom wasn’t there – even though it was technically hers, she thought she’d be moving into ‘Mom’s space’, so she sold it. But before she did, she helped me put together the most beautiful Celebration of Life in the house, and Mom’s friends from all over the country flew in to remember her. There was a lot of crying and a lot of laughing, but mostly there was just love.

Thank you for what you’re doing and for letting me share this story. I haven’t seen Andrea in years, but I’ll never forget what she did for my Mom.

Overcoming Fear with Kindness (during Wartime)

My dad during a routine mission with his men

A few years ago my dad came back from serving in Afghanistan.  He was gone a very long time.  When he came back he surprised me while I was at school.  It was just like how you see on the news when the military parents surprise their kids in front of the entire school during a pep rally.

Since his return, I had met many of his friends he served with during the war. Many of these men would come to visit.  I overheard many stories and the things I heard were pretty amazing. I heard how my dad had served and saved many troops.  They gave him a bunch of medals. He was a hero not just to me but to many others. My dad was very brave and it sounded like he was always protective of his men.

My dad would always get a care package from home from my grandma and apparently he would give away most of the candy and food he would receive in the box. The main theme of every story about my dad was how helpful, giving and kind he was during the time he served with these men.  They all would reminisce how my dad helped them get through some pretty tough times.  It sounded pretty scary.   It made me feel very proud to know how much these men respected my dad. They described my dad as the first one to ‘go through the door’ and ‘the last one to eat’.

One day I asked my dad how it really was over ‘there’ during the war.  And it was interesting to me to hear his answer.   My dad went into detail seeing his best friend blown to pieces and seeing the bloody aftermath of a shoot out on the side of a road block. He described how he was afraid to close his eyes to sleep and how scared he was the entire time.  When I asked how he was able to get through it all, he said being helpful to his buddies.  He said that when he was helping others that were just as scared as he was, that he felt a sense of calm and peace.  That in essence, his kindness and his willingness to help others during extreme circumstance was his focus and the distraction kept him from being as scared as the others.  My dad said that being kind to others that were in the same circumstance gave him the power to achieve and stay alive.

If Dogs Could Talk

(thank you Lloyd – we love this Project)

When I was growing up I seemed to be allergic to everything and I was unable to have a dog. I pleaded with my Mom … if I could only have a dog: a constant companion to play with.  Our neighbors, the Franks, were retired and were very supportive by helping my single Mom. The Franks were always very kind to us giving us presents during Christmas and letting us swim in their pool during Summers.  They would always help my Mom with babysitting or helping me and my brothers with school & house chores.

Then one day when I came home from school I saw Mr Frank playing with a dog. The dog was beautiful, a Golden Retriever. I fell in love instantly and I think so did the dog.  Mr Frank asked me what he should call him and let me name him.  I named him Bo.  Soon Bo became my best friend. Mr Frank would take care of Bo but I was aloud to play with Bo during the day.  Everyday I would rush home to play with my new friend.  Bo & I were always together.  I remember that I never felt lonely again.

As the years came and went, Mrs Frank passed, but I would still visit Mr Frank and play with Bo everyday.  Bo who was extremely obedient was very well trained.  Eventually I went away to College and while away at college, Mr Frank also passed.  There was no one to care for Bo and my Mom felt she needed to take in Bo.

Although I still had my allergy issues, I would come home from school and play with Bo. It was during one of these visits that my Mom told me that Mr Frank passed away from lung cancer and that he had very serious respiratory issues.  My Mom told me that Mr Frank saved Bo from the dog pound and that he struggled to keep healthy with long haired Bo in his house.  But the Franks were so kind and giving that they wanted for me and my brothers to have a pet. They felt that a pet would teach responsibility.

But when I learned Mr Frank had lung cancer and struggled with his breathing in order for me to have a dog, it made me realize true kindness I had never experienced before.

The Good Neighbors

Kindness is all around but sometimes We don’t notice until it’s gone.

It was Christmas, 1997 and I had just bought my first (and only) home. The day after I moved in there was a knock on the door. I couldn’t imagine who it would be, I wasn’t expecting anyone. It was my next door neighbor, Linda, introducing herself, and bringing me a platter of homemade brownies as a welcome gift. I was amazed! In all the places I’d lived before, I barely knew my neighbor’s names! But there’s more. Turns out Linda’s husband, Ed, was as kind as she was. There’s a light out front over my garage that I thought was the responsibility of the Homeowners Association to take care of. It wasn’t until Ed & Linda moved out a couple of years ago and the bulb didn’t get changed when it went out, that I realized Ed had been changing the bulb for me – for 20 years! Never said a word, never bragged about it or asked for anything in return, just did it. Truly  a couple of Good Samaritans.

Teacher’s Skirt Lets Kids Express Themselves

Art teacher Rebecca Bonner doesn’t skirt the issue when it comes to proving how much she loves her students’ artwork — except in one special case.

Bonner, who works at McAuliffe Elementary School in Highland Village, Texas, invited students to doodle on the skirt of her dress as a project last year. Then, she wore it to an art show.

A photo posted by her daughter, Charlece Lake, on Twitter has since gone viral — charming the internet with the lovely gesture.

“I love that my kids learned to collaborate with the entire school,” Bonner told TODAY Style in an email. “They worked as a collective team to create images that they knew I would appreciate wearing.”

The drawings also had to be tiny since they had to fit all 580 students’ artwork on the outfit.

“They were so careful and thoughtful,” she said. “You can see a ton of rainbows, hearts, flowers, dogs, unicorns, superheroes, paintbrushes and emojis! All things I love! It was quite a special experience.”

It took about two weeks to finish the skirt of the dress, which had been left out in the front of Bonner’s room in order for the kids to take turns adding their artwork.

She wore the dress (only the skirt itself is decorated) to her school’s art show last May for the first time and then brought it out again at the end of last week for the district’s art show.

Rebecca Bonner is more than proud to wear her students' artwork!
Rebecca Bonner is more than proud to wear her students’ artwork!Charlece Lake

“My daughter asked to take a picture of me as I was walking to get in the car, so I turned around and pulled up the edge of the dress so she could get all the doodles in the photo,” Bonner said. “I didn’t even know she posted it to her Twitter!”

The photos have been retweeted more than 12,000 times and received about 109,000 likes.

“My immediate reaction was I was happy that art and something positive was getting a little love,” she said. “I hope other future teachers see this and get excited and inspired.”

Bonner got the idea from a private Facebook group for elementary school art teachers, and she’s always looking for ways to involve the whole school in collaborations like a butterfly garden, or making a mural out of bottle caps.

That means she’s not done finding ways to keep kids engaged with art. “My new students and my kindergartners need the opportunity to be a part of a doodle dress,” she said. “I just need to order a new, plain white dress off Amazon!”

We can’t wait to see the next masterpiece!

 / Source: TODAY
By Randee Dawn