Unexpected Generosity at a Service Plaza

Just this past weekend I drove from Indiana to Wisconsin to visit a friend who just relocated there for work. About an hour into the drive I had to get gas, and refuel myself with a dose of caffeine! I stopped at one of the highway service plazas – even though the gas is a little more expensive, I feel safer than exiting the highway in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

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My Father helped Brothers-to-the-Rescue

1/1/1994, Charlie Trainor/Miami Herald Staff: Cuban rafters

During the 1990’s, there were the most amount of rafters trying to escape Cuba’s brutal regime during the cruelest ruling years of Fidel Castro.  After a young boy was found dead floating on a raft apparently trying to escape, the dangerous plight of the Cuban people became widely publicized. Their willingness to risk everything to float on flimsy assembled rubber tubes and wood planks over 90 miles of the most treacherous ocean waters was beyond my comprehension while I was growing up.

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The Angel in the middle of nowhere

An Angel in the Dessert

It can happen to anyone but it didn’t, it happened to me while I was with my young kids.  It was Daddy’s day with my two sons; the time I cherish most.  We went off camping and hiking for the weekend. It was a great time.  But heading back, I was running late and we took a short cut and the truck got stuck. We were in the middle of nowhere and I was with my two young sons knowing their worried Mom was probably getting ready to call for help if she didn’t already.

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Someone saved my Puppy from ‘Jaws’

I was walking my new puppy, a baby golden retriever, around my neighborhood.  All of a sudden a huge dog comes from out of nowhere and grabs my Sammy.  I screamed to the tops of my lungs.  The neighbor across the street was watering their lawn and saw the entire incident.  He immediately dropped his hose and ran after this big huge dog.  He had no fear in grabbing at this very aggressive animal while it snapped at his hands and grabbed my puppy again with his teeth.  It was a very scary moment but my neighbor, who was really a stranger and someone I never really spoke with, saved my puppy by risking getting attacked himself.

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I Can’t Believe A Complete Stranger Did This!

I’m a crossing guard in Ocala and the nicest thing just happened. We crossed all the kids in record time, since it’s 95 degrees. I work across the street, where my post is in the afternoon. My co-worker hands me an envelope and says someone’s dad just gave this to me and says give one to your partner. Read More

My Sister Saved My Life

Last year I was traveling to visit my family during the holidays.  On the way to my parent’s home, I was in a very bad auto accident.  The damage was bad to both to me and the car.  My face hit the window.  There was blood and glass everywhere.  I lost a lot of blood – and that was the problem.

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My Neighbor Saved My Home from Disaster

When I saw your website about Kindness, I felt the need to buy the small wind vane.  And after getting the piece and loving it!!!I wanted to learn more about your art work.  OMG – How Special is Your Art and THIS PROJECT!!!! – Anyway, I wanted to contribute and write an article.  In fact, if you are ever in NY, please call me to do the Interviews of Kindness.

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Woman dining alone … until these men stepped in

April 24, 2019, 5:03 PM EDT / Source: TODAY
By Ali Gostanian

An Alabama man’s simple act of kindness has gone viral on social media.

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The Father I Never had Died Before I Knew

Back in the day when companies took care of their employees I had a boss like I don’t think I”ll ever have again.

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