Assembly Instructions

Super-Mini Weather Vane

Thank you for supporting ‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’. The project’s goal is to share and teach the mindful message of Kindness & Universal LOVE. This message is represented in the Project by weathervanes with a Cupid’s Arrow and heart-shapes rotated 180 degrees. A rotated heart-shape is the tip and at the end of each Cupid’s Arrow.

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‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’ began as a kinetic art commission by the City of Boynton Beach, Florida, U.S.,  and evolved into a mantra for Kindness & Universal LOVE. ‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’ has expanded into a national #Kindness campaign, urging people to be mindful in our World at a time when we need it most.  The Project includes both an indoor & outdoor interactive exhibit that encourages community and welcomes everyone to participate onsite and at

“The Art is the perfect example of the mergence between Art & Design meeting Engineering & Science. “

I want to Help – Our World needs more Kindness

To Assemble:

  1. Place the heart that has 4 holes (aka heart base) in the desired location for final placement.
  2. Taking both stanchions, with larger metal slots facing each other, slide both pieces together.
  3. Be sure the cut-out heart-shapes in the stanchions are upright.
  4. Look on the top of the stanchion for the black mark and align to the tip of the heart base.
  5. Carefully position the bottom tabs of the stanchion to the heart base and press.
  6. Tabs should easily slide in place. Do not force into place. Place the heart-shape with 5 holes on the top of the stanchions in the same alignment as the heart base.
  7. Check that all pieces are stable in tabs and slots.
  8. Remove tape holding the bearing system on the axis of the Cupid’s Arrow.
  9. Carefully place the Cupid’s Arrow in the center hole on the top heart.
  10. Spin and Enjoy – thank you.

Some Suggestions for Placement:

  1. In front of an open window.
  2. In front of a fan.
  3. In front of the Air Conditioner vent so it turns when the A/C goes on.
  4. Any place outdoors, of course. Your piece is safe for rain, snow or sleet.  For high wind conditions, 100% silicon will safely glue the pieces together and they can be easily separated at a later date. The metal material will not corrode and is finished using the same technique as the finest automobiles. The bearing system, made of silicon & stainless-steel frictionless bearings requires no maintenance.