Project Manager – Tabatha Wolfe

To create large art pieces requires a plan filled with budgets, schedules and logistics.  There becomes a separation between the meaning of the Art  and the purpose of the Project.

Giving meaning to the art, the Artist gives explanation and the understanding of the art.

Giving meaning to the Project, which is to spread LOVE, gives purpose for others to participate and contribute their skills and talents – this is the responsibility of the Project Manager.

The Project Manager coordinates every task from accommodations to transportation.  

With over 25 years of experience and networking in the Management and Entertainment industries, Tabatha Wolfe excels in coordinating, scheduling and managing large scale projects. Tabatha Wolfe is a highly organized and skilled manager.  Wolfe has managed organizations with over 100 employees. 

Wolfe has a vast array of organization skills and communicative talents.  Working on large-scale projects is where Wolfe’s abilities excel.  Wolfe’s ability to coordinate, organize and manager schedules, makes her an asset to the success of our project.

         “The most resourceful & the best Project Manager I have every worked with- thank you” – the Artist