Project Engineer – Sten Henriksen

 Sten Henriksen – email: An accomplished professional with more than 44 years of international experience in the construction industry; 20 years from construction and business development related to the oil and gas industry, and 24 years from Corrosion Mitigation; In buildings and bridges primarily, and for pipelines and steel structures in general. Excellent communication skills, with the ability to motivate, lead, and interact with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Current Position:      Self-employed, working primarily for EC Consulting Partnership, of Miami Florida, and Durability of Jupiter, Florida Nationality:                Norwegian citizen and  U.S. Resident Languages:                English, Scandinavian, Dutch and German Education:                 B.S. in Civil Engineering, from Stavanger, Norway, 1970 (with full US labor department certification in 1989) Associations:             NACE(National Association of Corrosion Engineers), ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) Key Qualifications:
  • More than forty years’ experience in international construction industry.
  • Twenty  years in the field of corrosion mitigation, water intrusion and building defects in Europe, Middle East, Far East, East Africa, Canada, and the United States. This work has included development of electro-chemical technologies for corrosion passivation on steel reinforcement in buildings and bridges, including cathodic protection. Two patents for corrosion passivation on steel in concrete have been developed in this period, in addition to the development of a pipeline coating system for external, in-field coating-application of pipelines for the oil and gas industry.
  • Twenty years of experience in the oil and gas industry, including market development for inspection and certification services; engineering, construction, fabrication, installation, marine operations, hook-up and commissioning, and lately; development of coating systems for oil and gas pipelines.
Career Highlights during tenure in the United States:
  • 1989 – 1995: Under employment of Corrosion Protection Systems Inc, participated in the development and marketing of electrochemical methods for control of corrosion on steel reinforcement in concrete, later known as the “NORCURE” methods, (technology for chloride extraction and concrete re-alkalization.) Introduced the Technology in the US and Canada and continued development within the SHRP program, (the Strategic Highway Research Program) monitored by the Federal Highway Administration, (FHWA).
  • 1995 – Present: working freelance and partly under employment of engineering firms and contractors in South Florida; continued work with issues related to corrosion of steel in concrete, and methods to repair damage to concrete from corrosion on reinforcing steel, and other metals, as well as consequences of water intrusion.
This period includes employment with:
  1. SPEC Engineering of Ft. Lauderdale (Building Restoration Consultant)
  2. JLSD of Palm Beach (Engineering firm specializing in Building Restoration, Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing)
  3. Commercial Concrete Restoration (Concrete Restoration Contractor)
  4. URECOAT (Roof Coating Specialists)
  5. Thornton Thomasetti, (International Engineering firm based in New York, all engineering disciplines, but work in Florida particularly related to damage mitigation from hurricanes and water intrusion in general)
  6. Prime Resins of Atlanta (Specialty coatings, waterproofing and soil mitigation work)
  7. Biscayne Engineering, Miami, FL
  8. National Concrete (one of Florida’s largest restoration contractors)
  9. Independent Contractors with Condominium Associations
  10. EC Consulting Partnership of Miami Florida
  11. Durability of Jupiter Florida
“This period has given me the opportunity to experience all the intricate methods of deterioration affecting buildings of all types and ages in the hot and humid environment that is South Florida. And to work with owners and management companies to develop repair procedures and maintenance programs to suit various budgets.” Career Highlights for the period prior to arrival in U.S.
  • 1974 – 1979: under employment of “Det norske Veritas”, and as senior site representative, participated in the construction and the installation of several “Concrete Gravity Structures” for the development of oil and gas resources in the North Sea, as well as the development of inspection services and routines for the annual inspections of offshore installations. These routines later became principle elements in the UK Department of Energy’s continued certification system, leading up to “Certificate of Fitness”.
Engaged with an International project group for the development and construction of an LNG plant in Iran, as part of the development of the “Pars” field in the “Persian Gulf”.
  • Started the office for Det norske Veritas in Abu Dhabi in 1979, for the primary purpose of certification of the submarine pipeline system in the Zakum Oil field. In particular the “Upper Zakum Development”, a system of flow lines from satellite wells, to a collection unit, including a system of gas injection lines as well as electrical cables and control lines. All installed in water depth of 6 – 22m.
  • Started the office for Det norske Veritas in Terrenganu in 1983, on the East Coast of Malaysia to cover certification work on “The Malaysian Peninsular Gas Development Program”, for Petronas / Carigali, (National oil and gas development companies).
This work involved the Offshore development of the Duyong Field, construction and installation-verification of jackets and superstructures manufactured in Korea and Japan, installation of two-phase pipelines to shore, shore approaches, with finger type slug catcher, gas treatment plant, gas processing plant for development of “sales gas” to a gas-driven power plant. Propane, butane and sales gas refining for export to Japan; Compressor plant for liquefaction of all gas fractions for overland transport through pipelines to export facility; Conversion of gas from “liquid under pressure” to “liquid under temperature”, with transportation to storage tanks, transfer to export facility and exportation to Japan.  Later, for Petronas & Shell Oil, fabrication and installation of drilling platforms, and submarine pipelines for the F6 development off the coast of Borneo.
  • 1985 – 1989:  Following the involvement under employment with Veritas in the Middle East and the Far East, under employment of “Berdal Offshore”, part of the “Norconsult group”, involvement with innovative shore approaches for bringing oil and gas from the North Sea development to shore based facilities. This included tunneling to 70m water depth, piercing into deep water, and the pulling of offshore pipeline into the tunnel for tie in to tunnel-pipeline and further connection and transport in pipelines to large underground storage caverns.
Also, and under employment with “Berdal Offshore”, as partner with “Global Engineering” UK, participated as “deputy project manager” in the design of the “Tommeliten Flowlines”, a set of thermally insulated duplex flow-lines from a sub-sea completion well, “Tommeliten”, tied into the “Ekofisk” complex.   Later, and also under employment of Berdal Offshore, under contract with the Norwegian Development program, involvement as project Manager in the restoration of the Oil Import Facility for Tanzania, in Dar es Salam, the initial evaluation of an Energy assessment program for Botswana, and the initial evaluations for the re-construction of the port city of Beira.
  • Following employment with “Berdal offshore”, and contracted from “Global Engineering” of London England, participated as construction manager for the JV between “JGC” and “Yokohama Rubber” in the underwater restoration of the “Juaimah Trestle”, a 6.5 mile long jetty built as an export facility for LPG from the E. Coast of Saudi Arabia. This was a $ 35 million project for the encapsulation of 1200 64” pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete piles, and was completed in 1987 – 1988, during the last phase of the Iraq / Iran war.
  • Resident of the US since Feb. of 1989
Prior to all engineering engagement, completed compulsory service in the Norwegian Army, Corps of Engineers, training as demolition experts, ABC warfare, mine field management, portage of infantry units with additional sniper duties.